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Strategy Board Game

Outwit and outmaneuver your friends in this two player, turn-based strategy board game played on a grid of hexagons. With simple, easy to learn rules, Swarm is quick to pick up and play, but contains a surprising amount of strategy. Position your pieces to capture those of your opponent, while keeping your own pieces safe from attack. Play with friends in person with Tabletop mode, find opponents across the globe via Game Center matchmaking, or test your wits against the Swarm Hivemind artificial intelligence.

Game Highlights

  • Play against your friends or join a matchmaking game through Game Center
  • Play locally with Tabletop mode
  • Challenge multiple computer opponents
  • Retina display enabled
  • Easy to learn - suitable for all ages

Gravity Match
Fast Paced Matching

How fast can you match? Gravity Match is the fast paced matching game where you must flip to survive, unleashing exciting chains and combos along the way.

Game Highlights

  • Four difficulties, including INSANE - the ultimate matching challenge!
  • Three board types, including boards with obstacles
  • Leaderboards to show which one of your friends is the fastest matcher
  • 45 Achievements to test your speed matching skills
  • Crisp retina graphics and custom iPhone 5 layout
  • Three built in songs to match to, or listen to your own music while you play